Nighthawk is simply the world's best bomber jacket, and it's the only spring jacket you will ever need.

Water resistant, contactless pockets and more. The classic bomber jacket entirely redesigned for timeless classy look and functional city living. Meticulously engineered to be the perfect combination of function and form. 

Fully funded Kickstarter smart bomber jacket project in 2019.

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Nighthawk is a meticulously engineered jacket with streamlined smart features without adding extra bulk. Performance-centred Spacewalk fabric is water resistant and windproof, without compromising breathability and comfort.

  • Each sleeve features a purpose-built pocket to fit any contactless card. Use one for effortless tapping in and out of transport; the other for smooth contactless payments, all without ever having to reach into your jacket.
  • Zippered pockets both on the outside and the inner lining provide added security for your passport, wallet and phone. The outer zippers are reinforced with water-repellent coating to keep your items safe no matter the weather.
  • Tangled earphone clumps are a thing of the past, with built-in earphone cable hangers and access points for seamless connection to your phone, stored in a custom-designed pocket allowing easy access for taking calls and switching between songs. 
  • We design for the future, so we’ve also included two dedicated pockets for storing your bluetooth earphones, thoughtfully placed to avoid signal blocking with your contactless cards.
  • For jotting down your thoughts or designing on the go, we’ve included a custom-fitted pocket for storing your Apple pencil, or simply your favourite pen.
  • And on those late-night commutes, head home with the added confidence thanks to reflective back details for extra visibility.  

Colour: TopGun Green

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