Stormbender: World's Most Beautiful Utility Coat, Now Available on Indiegogo

Stormbender is our latest release - aesthetically designed for city dwellers & travellers. It is our first all weather coat that integrates essential utility features, waterproof performance, and true versatility.

There are countless utility jackets on crowdfunding platforms packed with features but not  a single one is functional and beautiful looking. We set out to create a durable coat, focusing on a slow fashion approach that prioritises timeless quality over fad trends that only last one season. We are determined to change that. 

After a year of product design & development, we are proud to unveil Stormbender, an original and yet subtly re-designed stormproof coat that integrates a tailored fit with essential utility features, and style-converting extension side zippers. 

“Having an iPad in your jacket will never make you look or feel great. We really want to change that. With most crowdfunded 'fashion' products, it’s obvious that the brands have pursued utility features at no cost, prioritising function over form. When designing Stormbender, we’ve ensured the form is stylish with the added benefits of important utility functions.," says Sean Xie, CEO of Zelus London. 

Stormbender comes with all the important utility highlights - state-of-the-art waterproof performance, super lightweight, essential utility pockets that make commuting easy and safe to conceal personal travel cards & accessories.

To differentiate the product from other tech-oriented jackets in the market, the company sets out to create two subtle but unique designs for both men and women with a slight ‘futuristic’ look.

The coat also comes with two thoughtfully designed convertible extension side zippers, allowing the option to switch between slim fit & loose fit, for freedom of style & comfort of movement.

Pre-order customers can also choose between reflective bright prints for enhanced visibility in low light conditions, and dark-prints for a classy and more minimal look.

The pandemic has thrown many obstacles in everyone’s path in 2020, we believe in focused individuals and empowering people to overcome, in rare occasion people do get to leave home, it’s important to be prepared.

With Stormbender, adventure seekers can go out, ready for new opportunities, prepared for the rain, ready to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown in their path.

Pre-order now on Indiegogo.