ZL Ambassadors: Meet Multitalented Jonathan Kha

Meet Jonathan Kha, the man who seems to have it all – a qualified Doctor turned Senior Software Engineer who’s also a hip hop and salsa dancer. 

Jonathan now works for a leading pharmaceutical company and says that when he was a doctor he always wondered if the medical field could improve the way they worked so he started coming up with suggestions and discovered management consulting. He joined a consulting firm and very quickly found the wonders of programming. He started learning to programme and enjoyed it so much that he wanted to see if he could make an impact in healthcare using his clinical as well as programming skills which led him to his current position.

With roots in both Myanmar and New Zealand, Jonathan describes himself as someone who’s determined to see things to the end so even when he tries something new, he aims to achieve a milestone of some sort. He always tries to see the humour in situations which is important to have during the highs and lows of life.

Jonathan has danced hip hop and salsa from a young age and picked up bachata a few years ago. He enjoys fusing his influences together to build his own style and he’s been fortunate enough to win awards for his hip hop choreography, salsa and bachata freestyle as well as solo battles. 

As if that wasn’t enough, he also used to be a lead vocalist and lead guitarist of a band and lately focuses more vocal work, recording acoustic sessions. Look out for him on the music scene, before things started closing down due to COVID-19 he was playing at festivals for a few hundred up to a few thousand as an acoustic artist. 

He describes himself as charismatic, multi-talented and determined and says he loves meeting new people and building new relationships. His lowest moment was during the junior doctor strikes where every resource was scarce and it seemed all the worst case scenarios were playing out, whilst the public were critical of the situation. 

His proudest moment was when he left medicine and ventured out to find a new career – and succeeded at it. A doctor at heart, when COVID-19 hit the UK he returned to medicine to help where he could.