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Plain, simple premium crew-neck T-shirt. Next-gen stretchy fabric NanoFlex™.

ZELUS in-house tailored relaxed slim-fit. Available in a variety of essential colours. 

The bare essence of simplicity, comfort and uncompromising quality. 



Descend into the depths of authenticity in our Fallen tee. Don’t get caught up with what’s flying, stay grounded. Stay you.


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Casual yet sophisticated, this woven bracelet lends an air of strength and masculinity to any look. With jet black fabric and a polished clasp, VIGOR is an understated accessory for the modern man.



A contemporary face mask by ZL. A unisex & single size accessory crafted with dual layers of soft and breathable fabric. Machine-washable for easy care and features stretch-cotton lining and elasticated loops.


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Originality is an essence, yet timelessness is everlasting refinement. Classic is understated style.



Ideas derive from all directions. Aggregated, they create a platform to give life to new creations. This is where realisation meets simplicity.



The perfect digital gift for family and friends. Select an amount, add a message and send the gift amount & voucher code instantly via email.


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The verve of your vitality is what drives you for control. Symbolise who you aspire to be with honourable style.



Gaze beyond your restrictions and towards your aspirations in our lean Horizon tee. With only honed focus can you catch a glimpse of it as it lingers beyond your comfort zone.


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Hit the ground running with understated style in our sublime Leap t-shirt. Finely crafted and soft to touch, this piece makes the ordinary extraordinary. Available in midnight black, sublime white.



Discover what defines the moment you live. Perchance it’s been through calamity or hammered into steel. Could it be the first excerpt, inspiration or a signpost that comes to your mind?



Place yourself upon the podium and strive for distinction. For this may be where the medallion could be found. Take the stand with an elaborate ZELUS LONDON icon imprinted on your shoulder.