Watching the world from a distinct perspective, he recognised the power silence held over noise. Seeking a mind space away from the clatter, this was a place where he could contemplate and remain reflective.

Born with a profound interest in drawing, this fascination slowly defined into a pursuit of sketching.

Unlike other visual artists who appreciate the rich hues of paint, splashing colours across his page weren’t his conception of art.

Drawing inspiration from the basic technique of sketching, he believed that the heavy strokes of a pencil against the chaste slip of white paper elicited more than enough to strike an impact.

Done precisely, those raw details expressed the true beauty of a subject to the world. 

ZELUS LONDON was born from this principle. The ultimate liberty from the noises of choice.


Lost in the race of avarice, we become numb to stimulation, leaving us craving for more. The sheer volume of distraction is overwhelming. We lose control of our mind. We’ve become tainted in the rivalry for greed and the vision we once guarded becomes clouded.

Our philosophy follows the creed that limitation is the definitive pathway for creativity and freedom.

In any moment, only one thing matters. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

ZELUS LONDON ™ is an apparel designer, manufacturer, and retailer based in London, United Kingdom. Deriving inspiration from visual artists such as Jiri Thyn, thought leaders in the veins of Ido Portal and Alan Watts, ZELUS LONDON is a brand that is in constant pursuit of our simple truth.

We believe the pathway to truth is breaking through the distraction, staying you.

“Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance” – Coco Chanel